Welcome to Teuva!


Teuva is active commune of 6 000 citizens located in southern Ostrobothnia. Distance from Teuva to Seinäjoki and to Vaasa is 80 kilometres and to Helsinki 360 kilometres. Teuva is well-known among the other things from Olympic medalist Pauli Nevala, sports club Teuvan Rivakka and good quality products of companies from Teuva.

Scenery of Teuva is mostly expanse. Most significant natural sight is Parra-hill with its stonefields.

Agriculture in Teuva is strong and villages are vital. In addition to more than 280 farms in Teuva is 400 companies and professional workers. Companies produce for example printed circuit boards, concrete elements, boilers, sauna stoves, furniture, tools, pressure containers and pipelines for industry.

Biggest and most many-sided education- and technologycenter of wood and furniture TEAK is located in Teuva.

Culturhouse Orrela offers exhibitions and happenings around a year. Specialmuseum of cycling Pyörätalli is only museum in Finland specified in bikes and cycling.

In leisure-time center Parra you can enjoy delight of exercise and beautiful nature around a year. Downhill ski center in Parra - Snowpark Parra is popular among skiers and downhill skiers with all ages during winter time. In the area is three ski slopes / lifts and almost 100 kilometres network of ski tracks and many resting places where you can light a cambfire. During summer time in Parra you can hike, pick up berries, play frisbeegolf or go to swim.You can board in cosy cottage or camb in caravan area. Pappilankangas offers many-sided possibilities to exercise.

Very original event Siirrettävien saunojen kokoontumisajot (convention of moveble saunas) is arranged every year in Parra, event collects thousands of sauna friends to see each other and have a bath in what most intersting saunas.

In addition to accommodation in cottages in Parra you can stay overnight in Laurilan Wisiitti in center of Teuva, in Loma-Opintola in Norinkylä and in Mäki-Laurila in Äystö. Also you can order accommodation from Teuva church and stay overnight in rooming house. In Parra is popular caravan area.


Downhill ski center - SNOWPARK PARRA


Culturehouse Orrela with its museum collections

Special museum of cycling PYÖRÄTALLI

Teuva church - altarpiece painted by "muumimamma" Tove Jansson


Biggest javelin in the world (26 m) located in Nature-Parra

Homemuseum of Teuva

Adulteducation center of Teuva TEAK

Annual happenings:

Summerfairs in June

Ars Nova Botnica - visual art show in July

Autumn fairs in August

Siirrettävien saunojen kokoontumisajo in August

Dance hall Kaarihovi dances on Saturdays


Winterfairs in November

Teuva Municipality, Rasintie 1 A, FI-64700 TEUVA
Tel: +358-6-2413 4000
e-mail: kunta@teuva.fi, www.teuva.fi